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The Bafa Printmakers


Bafa Printmakers Network

The Bafa Printmakers - **NEW**- Open to all printmakers, beginners to professionals! 

Are you interested in printmaking? Come and join Bafa's Newest group!

Bafa's Printmaking Network has been started to provide members with the opportunity to participate in:

  • Collective visits to relevant exhibitions and events

  • Critique work in supportive/developmental environment

  • Identify upcoming opportunities for printmakers: exhibiting/funding

  • Skill share in group and Milton Keynes Printmakers

  • Provide access to courses information come to individuals or MKP/Bafa

  • Focus on Printers past and present

Open to all Bafa memebers who make prints.

Next Dates -

16th October 10-12 (TBC)

4th December 10-12, followed by Lunch!

All at The Cote, The Woolpack Pub, Buckingham.

Contact Ian Hodgkinson, for more details via members@buckinghamartforall.co.uk



Collograph Skill Share - August 2013, Photos by Lindsey Graham and Iain Hodgkinson

Icarus III A/P by Mel Makinson

Working Hard!


Skill Share Photo Archive