Bafa Networking

Nearly ten years on from the launch of Bafa the Networking concept is still happening.  The idea is that small groups of members get together to pursue a common interest related to art away from the regular monthly Tuesday evenings and exhibitions arranged by the Bafa committee.

The following groups are examples of what has been established and there is always room for more.

The Bafa Printmakers - Open to all printmakers, beginners to professionals! 

We meet approximately every 6 weeks in The Cote, at The Woolpack in Buckingham, 10am - 12pm.  Click on this link to access our Printmakers Network web page which has further information. 


Five Women Artists

Heather Sequiera, Debs Last, Lindsey Graham, Zoë Day, Lynne Cameron

We came together in 2009 as one of the first Bafa networking groups.  Each of us was looking for other creative people with whom we could share the struggle of making art.

Our starting point was the book “The Artist’s Way” by Julia Cameron, which we committed to reading and working on one chapter a month.  We meet each month for lunch; to share our lives and our art. We set ourselves new tasks each time, and feel a sense of accountability to the group to meet these challenges.  As time has gone on, we have built up trust within the group and it has become what Julia Cameron calls ‘a sacred circle’.

We paint together sometimes and regularly share our work with each other, expecting and learning from honest critiques.

The Friday Group

Starting in 2009, from two novice artists meeting to encourage each other, the Friday Group now consists of six regular members.  Encouragement and support has stayed as our main aim, helping each other to improve skills in a relaxed and sociable atmosphere.

Each week we work on an individual interest /picture of the moment or more cooperatively in an area of concern for more of the group.  We have tried new media and focussed on colour, tone and shadow.

We have become a group of friends, often lunching together and including in our activities visits to galleries, lectures at other art groups, special exhibitions and art fairs. Thanks to one of the group we have also been able to obtain materials at more reasonable prices by sharing an order.

Sustained by plenty of coffee and tea, we have seen our work improve, enjoyed each others’ company and had fun. 

The problem of space and extra cost, make it difficult to extend the group but Barbara, Marion, Swee Har, Peter, John and Jen recommend this way of encouraging and enjoying working together.

If you wish to know more about any of the networking groups or even find out how to start one of your own then please email the Chair of Bafa at: -
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