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A Buckingham based Art group which welcomes artists of all abilities and those interested in art to meet, share, learn and above all enjoy art.  Monthly meetings are held with a variety of speakers and demonstrations.  We hold two annual exhibitions and would love you to join us either as a visitor or a member; spectator or artist!


Bafa Membership is now available for 2015 - just £20!


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September 2015 - September’s guest was Christian artist Yvone Bell. Yvonne primarily designs church vestments, banners, chasubles and panels and it was particularly interesting to hear of her work on vestments designed for the Archbishop of York. However Yvonne also brought with her other examples of her varied styles of silk painting, mainly carried out using the ‘stained glass’ method but there were also a few examples of more freehand work. Yvonne carried out a demonstration of her work, which we were actively encouraged to watch very closely, and she practically completed an entire painting in the 2nd half! It was good to hear a few people mention that those silk paints at the back of the cupboard might get another airing.....


Written by Emma Hamilton, Photos to follow

July 2015 - Phil Madley, Encaustic Wax Painting - A great evening with lots of demonstrations of how wax can move and create different effects. Full report to follow shortly.

June 2015 - Deborah Hopson-Wolpe came to visit on Tuesday 9th June and entertained BAFA members to a very enjoyable demonstration of her silk screen printing. Following the break she gave a most interesting talk about her work as a potter after leaving Camberwell School of Art.

She talked about her inspiration and creativity to achieve her desired results and photographs of her works were shown to an appreciative audience, which responded enthusiastically.

written by Carol Bagni; Photos by Emily Pool

June 2015 - Bafa would like to wish all of our members who are taking part in Bucks Open Studios - Sunny days and a multitude of visitors! See the BOS website for more details 6th June- 21st June

May 2015 - Well done to all who took part in this weekend's Exhibition @ The Woolpack. It was our 4th spring exhibition in central Buckingham and despite a very slight change of venue from The Cote to the main Dining Room, we had a great footfall throughout the weekend with some sales to also note. Many of the customers from the pub, who didn't expect to find an exhibition on the way to the garden from the bar, were particularly interested with a good number taking the time to look around the whole exhibition. The miniatures section also proved very popular as it seemed to give a wider range of prices for people to contemplate making a purchase. Thank you to all members and committee for giving their time and energy to a great weekend. We also raised £200 for Macmillan Cancer Support on behalf of local musician, Udo Doltz for his Killimanjaro Challenge later this year.

May 2015 - A great night with Francesca Hinton, explaining her approach to painting in the open air. There was a chance to have a go including a pencil drawing from a photograph, and it was very interesting to see the difference between the ones lined up at the end of the evening. Using a marker on the end of a long stick also created some interesting results.


April 2015 - Rod Craig returned to give us an insight into how he is inspired in his paintings by the music he hears. Full Report to follow.


March 2015 - Entries are now open for our Spring Exhibiton to be held in The Cote, at The Woolpack, Well Street, Buckingham; Click here for an Entry form

March 2015 -

Tonight's Bafa talk was a fascinating insight into contemporary art from the Perspective of Mita Vaghela. She shared the evolution of ideas and understanding she went through when creating various projects from her degree course. The first project was working with cotton wool which she made into nails. Her thinking behind the process linked to the Health and Safety Culture and how things and being made so "safe" as to be as useless as nails made from cotton wool.


As a British Asian, the next focus of her work examined the perception and attitudes towards women in her culture. The result of one project involved holding a small wax model of a baby whilst watching an image of an unborn child and listening to a moving poem written from the perspective of a female foetus. The child asking her mother not to go through with an abortion but to allow her to live.


Inspired by the artist Tara Donovan who creates work from stacked items which create distinct patterns when laid together like polystyrene cups, co trail sticks or sheets of glass. Another project involved using packaging items discarded from men's shirts to make jewellery (transparent clips) and a sari (shirt collar stiffeners)


All in all it was an insightful journey into a personal understanding of contemporary art.



written by Cathy Read, photos by Emily Pool

January 2015

Portrait Demonstration by Peter Keagan, Artist.


Great start to the New Year BAFA monthly programme. The invitation to Peter Keagan who is a professional Portrait Artist was a huge success and has settled the members into wanting more demonstrations to this high standard. Peter makes a living out of painting portraits of people. He prefers to meet the sitter and portray their personality into the painting. He will paint from photographs upon request but states that one cannot get the tonal values that are seen in a live sitting.

Peter paints in Oils on different mediums, such as solid MDF board to soft surface framed canvas. For the purpose of the demonstration he used Canvas paper, suitable for painting in Oil. The pallet layout is always the same – light swatches on one side and dark on the other. A typical layout would be Light - Alizarin Crimson, Chrome Red, Flesh Tint, Yellow Ochre, Cadmium Yellow, Titanium White, Dark – Terra Vert/ Sap Green, Burnt Sienna, Burnt Umber, Ultramarine Blue , then Turpentine to assist the flow.

Mel agreed to be the subject for the composition and the portrait began with size and placement on the canvas, i.e. tip of thumb to tip of middle finger equals bottom of chin to forehead hair line, followed by blocking in straight outline of head shape. Sub-divide position and angles (and axis) for the eyes, nose, ears and mouth.

Rechecking the positions of the facial parts throughout the process is vital and key to an accurate likeness. The beauty of painting in oils is being able to make corrections. However, keep the detail to last.

Once satisfied with the drawing, block in the halftones, working from dark shadow first to lighter shades last, then add the highlights.

Next, restate the process again, moving first to the darks, introduce reflected light, check and cover halftones and highlights.

It was now time to model the eye area and eye detail, followed by the nose and mouth. Move to the Hair. Finish with the head creases, clothing and background colour.

The final detail is placed with a sparkle of Titanium White to the Eye.

Portrait finished – thank you Peter for an excellent Portrait demonstration.


Written by Les Riley, Photos by Les Riley

January 2015

Happy New Year, Membership starts again this month so please bring your fees, the next time we see you! Our AGM is just over a month away and with this come the call for more members to join the committee. We are especially looking for someone willing to take over the treasurer role, this would give Helen more time to concentrate on our growing exhibition opportunities.


January 2015

Bafa Member Iain Hodgkinson is running a variety of Printmaking courses at his new studio in Northamptonshire. Please see his website for details.


December 2014

Ten members of the Bafa Printmakers Network have taken part in the 20:20 Print Exchange run by Hot Bed Press. The prints are currently on a National tour (Stage 1 - Neo:Gallery 27, Bolton 10th Jan-22nd Feb 2015) and can be viewed alongside the other 571 participating artists work on Flickr follow this link to have a look - Buckingham 20:20 Print Exchange 2014

November 2014

An excellent exhibition - a big thanks to all who helped and a big well done to the winners of the competition! Here are the winners!


Novice Winner Stella Bell, Island rocks

Novice highly commended Kathryn Acton, Storm Tree

Novice highly commended Emma Heyes, A Walk to Porlock Weir


Intermediate winner Colin Price, Beyond Torremendo

Intermediate highly commended Colin Price, Kakudu

Intermediate highly commended Barbara Chivers, Look after the trees


Experienced winner Barbara Geary, 'Hare today’

Experienced highly commended Barbara Geary, On the Wild Side

Experience highlty commended Sylvia Davidson, From Dawn til dusk


Best in show winner Barbara Geary, On the Wild Side

Best in show h/c Barbara Geary Hare today

Best in show h/c Sylvia Davidson, From Dawn til dusk

November 2014 -

Great News, Exhibition month has brought with it our first ever 100th Member - Welcome Helen Ledward!


Furthermore the number of exhibits for our upcoming 'Environment' exhibition is up by about 40%! With the most members exhibiting in our 7 year history.


We hope that you will support our artists by coming to view the wonderful artwork. There will also be local musicians playing throughout the weekend and great refreshments to enjoy from a pop-up by local coffee shop Gyre & Gimble.


Invites (A4 & 3 to a page) to the Friday Night Preview, for members to share with friends and family.

October 2014

A big well done to the Bafa Publicity Elves - Helen Shaw has got a wonderful Linocut, 'Sheep in the Snow' on the front page of the MK18 magazine, being delivered this week! Mention it to all local friends to remind them to come and visit the exhibition; 15th-16th November @ Buckingham Community Centre.

October 2014 - Exhibition plans are well underway - find the entry form here, please try to get entries in on time. Hanging cannot be gauranteed for late entries!


September 2014 - Elaine Marston, Pastels


An excellent evening which gave us all a great insight into the amazing detail that can be achieved with pastels.

July 2014 - Iain Hodgkinson & Lindsey Graham -What is a Collagraph?


A great evening with a dual talk from the two printmakers about the technique of collagraph's. The dual talk was well thought out as despite printing using the same title, their techniques are quite different!



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Tues 13 October – Elaine Marston – Boats, Acrylic Painting


Elaine is a very versatile artist who enjoys painting in a variety of media, with an abiding love for oil and watercolour. Her inspiration comes from a diverse range of subjects and themes; from reflections caught on water; the light hitting the canopy of a café scene, to a quiet corner of a harbour.


Bafa Art Cafe - Thursday 15th October 11am at The Woolpack, Buckingham


Bafa Art Cafe - Thursday 12th November 11am at The Woolpack, Buckingham


Sat 14 – Sun 15 November: Bafa Exhibition & Art Sale


Click here for an entry form


'Journey' is the Theme!


Buckingham Community Centre. Come and Enjoy the Art and vote for your favourite exhibits.






Examples of our Members Artwork can be viewed on the Bafa Gallery's Participating Artists pages

Raffle Prizes


We have had a few members enquiring as to where we get our wonderful raffle prizes, month after month.  Well the answer is that they are donated by very generous members! We would like to thank those of you who have thought of us, and supported our raffle, when you find such great prizes be it a bottle or art related items and books. All donations to the raffle can be brought along to the monthly meetings.