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Sir Edmund R Verney, 6th Bt; Anita Stubbings; Debs Last; Peter Baker; Barbara Chivers

Buckingham Art for All -


A Buckingham based Art group which welcomes artists of all abilities and those interested in art to meet, share, learn and above all enjoy art.  Monthly meetings are held with a variety of speakers and demonstrations.  We hold two annual exhibitions and would love you to join us either as a visitor or a member; spectator or artist!


June 2014 - Robert Fathers, Greetings Cards


The demonstration was started with a brief history of Cards, with early examples shown. This was followed with a brief history of Robert Fathers introduction to art and how he progressed over the last 50 years, which was very interesting.

We were then given an insight into the materials favoured by the artist (Paints, Brushes and ground etc.). There was also a fine array of cards and paintings on display, which gave a really good window on the work that he produces. Which through his agent (which he recommends having) sell in many parts of the world.

We were then delighted with a painting demonstration in Gouache, when he painted a white dove carrying a twig of peace, with the star of Bethlehem and a stable in the distance. In doing so, several techniques were demonstrated. Painting onto damp paper, wet into wet paint, scrambling, masking, wet on dry and splatter with a toothbrush. Many questions were answered during the demonstration which again was very interesting.

The end result was a really impressive piece of art which seemed to jump out when a white mount was placed over it. I for one was very impressed, as were the people I spoke to afterwards, and this was reflected in the applause Robert received at the conclusion of his demonstration.

If you would like to look at some of his work, he has a web site :- www.robertfathersart.com


written by Stephen Poulter, photos by Emily Pool

May 2014 - Bafa @ The Woolpack

Another amazing exhibiton weekend! Well done to all of you who exhibitied. Many visitors commented on the standard of work being of such a high quality.

May 2014 - Cathy Read, Masking Tips and Tricks

Cathy is well known for her distinctive architectural paintings in which she uses masking fluid extensively. Her well-prepared demonstration introduced us to masking – temporarily covering up an area in a painting so as to keep an area white for highlights when using watercolours, for instance.

She showed us a variety of masking techniques including the use of objects and paper shapes – including post-it notes!; crayons and candle wax; masking tape; Friskit film (a sort of plastic film to cover a larger area which is then carefully cut away before a wash is applied.) and, her favourite, masking fluid.

To apply the masking fluid Cathy uses a line drawing tool which she has found to be the most effective for drawing fine lines. The consistency should be that of single cream. Dilute with sprayed water if too thick. Masking fluid should not be applied with a brush as it will destroy the bristles.

Cathy talked of the importance of using good quality paper to minimize risk of tearing when the masking fluid is removed. She prefers to use Langton and Fabriano Artistico papers but advises us to experiment to find which works best for us. Masking fluid should always be applied to dry paper and the paper must be dry before attempting to remove the fluid.

The stimulating evening ended with lots of time and opportunity to try out techniques; discuss any queries with Cathy and to enjoy looking at interesting and exciting examples of her work.

written by Sue Ambrose, photos by Emily Pool

April 2014 - We have extended the closing date of the Spring Exhibition to Friday 2nd May, as the original date, so close to Easter, seems to have arrived far too quickly! So if you were going to have a go but thought it too late - Now is your chance!


April 2014 - John Credland, iPad Drawing

John gave us a great demonstration of how to put the iPad to good artistic use, using the Brushes and Snapseed app. The most important thing John told us to remember was to make sure that you were drawing on the correct layer! By usng the layers function of Brushes it is possible to add different effects with the many brush options and the ability to trace from photographs! we were reminded that it should not be seen as cheating, as for many years artists have made use of the technology around us, like the camera obscura! The Snapseed app was used the then add filters, the grunge effect being John's favourite. Many members brought their various tablets and I imagine that there may be more digital art appearing in our exhibitions after this demonstration!




April 2014 - We are planning on fundraising again for Macmillan Cancer Support by holding our Mystery Picture Sale at our Spring Exhibition in May. Buy your 5"x7" canvas board from us at the next meeting, or you can source your own of course! Remember that once complete, sign the back and place in an envelope and give it to us on or before Friday 16th May.



March 2014 - Spring Exhibition Entry Forms now available! Uncatalogued work forms have been revamped for 2014 to make things easier on exhibition weekend, click here to get the new one!


March 2014 - Rod Craig, 'Painting the Elements'


It was a full house that watched Woodstock Artist Rod Craig inspire us with his loosely-painted, atmospheric watercolour demonstration on Tuesday evening.

Rod trained as a graphic artist and worked in that field for many years before turning to painting full-time. He has used bright colours in the past but now works with a limited palette of mostly grey and yellow mixes. He uses thick paper (680 gm Fabriano) which enables him to start work immediately rather than have to stretch the paper first. His brushes are large. “If you want to free up your work, throw away your small paint brushes” he told us.

He sprayed the paper and then applied sweeping strokes of yellow, leaving white areas in the centre. To this he added roughly applied greys which, with the help of more sprayed water and the wetness of the paper ran into each other to produce effective cloud formations. To add depth to his work he used Indian ink mixed with the paint for rocks and hills in the foreground. “It is very effective but unforgiving if you make a mistake!”

What interests him most is trying to create an impressionistic mood of time and place rather than a representational study. He works from memory and the occasional use of photographs, listening to music of various genres as he does so. He is a guitarist in a group who loves any sort of music and has run sessions of painting to live music. (See video on his website)

He really did create an atmosphere of remote hills and silence with somewhat forbidding clouds rolling in…..it was a joy to watch.


Written by Sue Ambrose, Photos by Peter Baker



March 2014 - Bafa's Spring Exhibition is on the way, the Call for Entry is now upon us and we are asking for a maximum of 2 entries, max 70cm in in either direction due to the size of the venue! The big weekend is 17th - 18th May, entries to get to us by the 25th April at the latest please. Entry forms will be here asap!

February 2014 - Bafa AGM, and Portrait Sketching

Another great AGM, with a change to the beginning of the membership year being agreed and our future aims and current foci being discussed!


I had the joy of being the first sitter for the portrait sketching and then Les Riley very bravely offered to sit, thank you! Having 30 people studying you so closely can be quite unnerving to say the least!


Written by Emily Pool, Photos by Peter Baker



January 2014 - Stuart McMahon, 'Show your art at it's best without breaking the bank'


A great evening of finding out how Stuart has become a master framer with lots of information about what quality of framing we should be looking for in different situations! It was great to hear that some items really do look fine in a ready made frame, however depending on where your work is going, a purpose made mount can really lift it, and if it is going to a museam then a made to measure frame is best, but of course do choose a master framer - like Stuart, to ensure your work is set to remain in perfect condition for many years to come! The revelation that masking tape on the back of a frame does not keep out Thunder bugs was also appreciated by many. Stuart also donated his fee for the evening to Macmillan Cancer Support, to which we thank him for his generosity.



December 2013 - A big thank you to Sharon Lewis, a new member of Bafa, for creating a wonderful Photofilm of our Contrasts exhibition held last month at Buckingham Community Centre.  Click on the link below to view it!

Bafa Contrasts Photofilm by Sharon Lewis (www.picturethisvideo.co.uk)



December 2013 - Xmas Party and Quiz

photos by Emily Pool



Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

to all of our members!



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Next Events


Thurs 1st May - Bafa Art Cafe, @ The Woolpack, Buckingham 11am - Noon



Tues 13 May—Cathy Read—Masking tricks and Tips


Cathy is best known for her distinctive architectural painting in which she uses masking fluid extensively. Cathy will introduce you to a variety of masking techniques as well as masking fluid application without tearing the paper.



Sat 17 and Sun 18 May - Spring Exhibition and Art Sale


Bafa @ The Woolpack, Well Street. A great venue for the whole family.






Examples of our Members Artwork can be viewed on the Bafa Gallery's Participating Artists pages


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